Friday Nights – Then and Now

When my ex and I split up, my kids were four and one-and-a-half. Our arrangement was I had them every Friday night and she had them Saturday nights. Let’s just say every Friday afternoon I started looking forward to busting out of work and getting home for some real quality time with my babies. Those nights were sweet – lots of Disney movies in bed, princess nightgowns, feety pajamas, bottles of milk, sucking on pacifier sounds, falling asleep in my arms – you know the deal.

My kids are now 12 and 8, so Friday nights are a lot different. Sleepovers, meeting friends at the movies, iPhones behind closed doors, hours of Minecraft, etc. All things that don’t involve me. But every once in a while the stars align and the three of us are home, and actually together. God, I love those nights (unfortunately, this isn’t one of them).

This started me thinking what will Friday nights be like in 2 years, 3 years, 5 years, 10 years? Will anything ever replace those early Friday nights? I have asked my parents, but geezus, things were so different back then. Like most of you, my dad never fed me, changed my diaper, put me to bed or any of the things I do (or used to do) on a daily basis. They can’t relate. I’m still single and date a bit, but it’s not a focus for me now and I don’t think any women can ever replace the love and joy I feel for my kids. Or those Friday nights.



8 thoughts on “Friday Nights – Then and Now

  1. I’m admittedly nervous about the days to come when my kids might feel too cool to hang out with me. They’re still young, so I’m still fun to be around. How long will that last?

    I think it’ll be a bit of a rollercoaster for most. You may have new eras that are great in their own way.

    • Thanks for the feedback. Don’t worry, our kids will always have a place in their hearts for us, it just moves around a bit. Will definitely check out your blog. BTW, how do you like using blogspot?

  2. That must be incredibly tough on you. My ex-wife and i got divorced when the kids were 4 and 2. I was one of the lucky dads, I was awarded custody of them so they live with me and visit her every other weekend.

    I have 4 kids now, ages 14 down to 2 days old (Valentine’s day baby girl), I’m lucky because my kids still enjoy being with me it seems. We have changed some of the activites like playing Xbox and boy scouts. You have to evolve with your kids and find things that everyone enjoys and then you can keep making more of those special memories.

  3. It never really gets easy; you just have to try to find things that keep them interested. Going to the movies has been a big thing for all my kids. Yeah, your sitting in a dark theater for a large chunk of time, but the drive to and from is where I’ve always found to be the most open to talking.

    I had the whole yours, mine and ours thing, and only the ours is left at home. We were fortunate to have custody of all of them, but I used to hate the weekends when my kids were gone.

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