Technology Rules

Life is about prioritizing. Many times, prioritization is forced upon us. Like when you have to travel for business – that moves to the top of the list and everything else either temporarily disappears or moves to distant second, third, fourth, fifth, etc. If it’s bad timing, that can hurt.

This is especially true when you travel to Chicago in March for a trade show at the same time a blizzard decides to travel to Chicago, resulting in a longer – and colder and wetter – stay than you anticipated. This happened to me recently. Unfortunately, my extended day overlapped with my son’s parent-teacher conference. One that I had scheduled and never told his mother about…ouch.

Being away for work can be tough, even for work. It seems like in today’s world (I know I sound old when I say that) there’s an equation for how long it takes to catch up. In the old days (yeah, sounding old again) if you were out for a week, it took a day or two to catch up. I think the equation today┬áis more like one day out of the office = two days to catch up. If you’re good.

This little rant touches on the question that drives me crazy, which is, Isn’t the purpose of technology to make us more efficient and our lives easier? Am I crazy, or has technology only made our lives more complicated, more hectic, more expensive and busier. The obvious examples: technical snafus/meltdowns with our devices, non-stop email that you can never catch up on, endlessly keeping up on “the latest” and, of course, the pressure to buy all of this crap.

When I started out in advertising, I had a desk, a phone and there were shared computers we used when we needed them. You had to pay attention in meetings (no sneaking peaks at your smartphone), you worked all day (no Facebooking), and clients didn’t expect things by the end of they day – it was by the end of the week. And I’m not even that old!

I know there are tremendous benefits from technology in health and science that truly benefit mankind. The flipside, however, is that it encroaches into every other aspect of our lives. This is especially apparent by the fact that I am learning to recognize my kids by the top of their heads as they are constantly face down in their i-devices.

Well, I am going on vacation in a few weeks and am trying to figure out what the “technology rules” will be. I know my daughter will want to be Instagramming the entire time. But I am thinking, at the end of the vacation do I want her to have memories or Likes?

I love you. I hate you.